Christmas party season has started!   Let’s hope the drinks are on ice.   Any occasion rapidly loses its sparkle if the first thing encountered at a glamorous Christmas party or awards event is a lukewarm glass of something fizzy.  We like our beer cold, our wine chilled and our cocktails shaken.

At seated events, ice buckets on the table before the wine please.  Seems obvious but we still remember the group dinner we attended at a Paris hotel a few years ago, when the white wine was placed on the table half an hour before the dinner was due to start.  Staff told us they didn’t have ice buckets but were happy to supply ice, until it ran out.

Having the appropriate number of staff behind the bar is also crucial for any fun Christmas party, queuing rarely adds to the success of an evening.

There is renewed interest from clients in serving cocktails at evening corporate events and drinks receptions.  Our advice is to offer a limited choice of cocktail options, including no alcohol versions, using fresh ingredients, and a recipe that allows a supply of the drinks to be prepared in advance.

We had wonderful cocktails recently at a newly opened London restaurant and bar.   Each cocktail took 5 minutes to be prepared, looked amazing and tasted delicious.  But as there was only one member of bar staff on duty, we were pleased we were only a party of 2.

Enjoy the party season. Cheers!