Our team work hard to find you the very best venue

Our team is made up of respected professionals, with the senior members boasting a minimum of 15 years with us. Prior to joining Venue Search, they each built a strong track record within the hotel and meetings industry.

Lyndsey Offield


“The best thing about my job is the variety of people I meet, and the amazing venues I visit. Venue requests can be very unusual, and requirements can change hourly, but that just makes it more interesting”.

niki quin

Niki Quin


“I have worked in the events industry since 2007. I started at Venue Search UK in 2013 and absolutely love working with our great team and clients. Enquiries for all sorts of new events come in all the time making it very exciting! I enjoy keeping on top of all the new venues that open and maintaining great relationships with our clients”.

rachel twist

Rachel Twist

Managing Director

“I joined Venue Search in 1997 after spending a couple of years working for an independent conference company. I like to completely understand our clients’ needs and expectations when finding suitable venues for their events. I am very proud to be associated with a company whose experience and expertise are recognized and acknowledged throughout the industry”.